All our finishes are certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacture association. (KCMA) ensuring  you of a high quality and durable finish that lasts.

*We will do a color sample to make sure of the color match. Like all paints the actual colors may be slightly different from the paint chip.

Refinishing cabinets or cabinet Refacing?

Which one is right for you?


The most important question to ask yourself is, do you like your kitchen and door style that you have?  If the answer is yes then refinishing  cabinets  is the way to go.  We refinish the cabinet doors, face frame, moldings and sides of the cabinets. You keep all of the original kitchen, but you can still add kitchen accessories like roll outs, Lazy Susan, garbage or recycling roll outs, and much much more.  This is the lowest cost option that there is .  So, if your kitchen just needs a fresh new finish and/or a change of color refinishing will achieve this.

If you are not sure please call us and we will help you to decide. This is done by talking to you and taking a cabinet door from your kitchen and refinishing it in the basic color you choose. This charge is free in our service area for stock stain and most cabinet paint (like white for example ).  Our finishes are KCMA  (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacture Association) compliant for durability, and resists household chemicals like cleaners, etc.   We match* Benjamin Moore colors, Sherwin williams and more.


If you are tired of the way the doors look and want to change the cabinet doors, moldings, or add a cabinet or maybe an island then refacing would be your best choice.  With refacing the options are much greater because everything is new and adding the kitchen accessories that you want is easy to do.  You can pick from CHERRY, MAPLE, OAK, BIRCH and many other woods in an array of stains to choose from, OR you can we can paint the cabinets.  Either way the finished look will be beautiful.

Painted cabinets can be done in all stock colors, or we can match* any Benjamin Moore color from M.L. Campbell that are KCMA compliant if a custom color is needed. 

Call us for a free estimate on Cabinet refacing or Refinishing kitchen cabinets.

Thank You